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Usman Abdul

Usman Abdul is a Pakistan-Belgian photographer, art director and movie director currently based in Antwerp. He's worked at a large amount of international agencies, with the most recent of which being Mutant™. Usman commissioned us to design his personal identity and website.

Inspired by Arabic pharmacies and night-shops, his branding is built around a grid of LED's, which independently light up and act as a canvas — a metaphorical expression of Abdul's mind. As part of the identity, we designed a bespoke typeface called Outdoor. It's based around the same principle, and contains two weights and supports a selection of Usman's most used Emoji's.

The website is an easy-to-navigate darkroom with Abdul's most notable work on the forefront. His logo, a continuously changing mark shifting from Arabic to Latin letterforms and back. You can visit the website at www.usmanabdul.be

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